Stovl stands for Short Take Off Vertical Landing. A Stovl aircraft takes off from a short runway and lands vertically. This name inspires us at Stovl to give this experience to our customers by making their journey to cloud short and easy and make it land perfectly!

About Us

Stovl is a Cloud, Data Centre Services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. It has operations in Bangalore and Chennai. Stovl has registered entities in US and Singapore. Stovl is a RedHat Certified partner, and Pure Storage PS Partner. Stovl is Cisco’s chosen Data Center Delivery partner and a VMware partner. Stovl is engaged with customers in India, USA, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc.

Stovl is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Stovl’s team is highly qualified, skilled in AWS services. Stovl helps customers with migrating to cloud, adopting AWS Compute, Containers, Serverless, Blockchain etc. services. With extensive end-to-end knowledge of data center products, Stovl offers support with architecting, designing, and implementing various OEM products in the data centers. Stovl helps build standard and custom API integration to third-party products and applications using APIs or SDKs which enable customers to achieve business outcomes.

Stovl’s experienced team of highly skilled engineers has experience with designing, creating, and managing Kubernetes clusters with. We provide advisory services to customers to enable them to change and move their monolith applications to containerized applications.

Our customers are start-ups, mid-size companies and big enterprises and our customer base is growing by the day.

Stovl is a fully owned subsidiary of Eximietas. Visit

About the Founder

Rakhee Gorthi is the founder, CEO at Stovl and has over 21 years of global industry experience. She holds a master’s degree in EE from the University of Texas, Arlington, and has held various roles in enterprises and start-ups across geographies. Rakhee is a long-distance runner and has finished a couple of marathons and half marathons.

“ We are a very customer-centric company. Customer focus is our core value ” – Rakhee Gorthi



We are always looking for reliable, hardworking, ambitious people to join our team.
If you are ready to being part of a fun, super driven, customer-centric team,
Stovl is the place for you. Send your resume to

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