Leveraging Converged Infrastructure, tools for Orchestration and Automation, and emerging solutions such as SDN, Containers, we deliver solutions that are open, secure, automated, and inline with current industry trends. We have partnered with companies like Cisco, Red Hat, VMware, Pure and others to provide consulting and implementation services of their products.

Data Center Services

Cisco Services

Cisco has redefined the computer networks since mid-1980s and is continuing and leading the innovation in an era of digital transformation through multitude of products and services used across industry segments.

Since 2018, Stovl has partnered with Cisco to combine its cloud competencies with Cisco’s Data center and cloud stacks which include HX, ACI, UCS, UCS Director, Intersight, IKS, etc. to deliver the right solutions and transform clients’ businesses. As a strategic Cisco partner, we help their customers adopt new technology products, accelerate innovation, and increase security throughout the digital transformation process.


VMware Services

VMware, a part of Dell Technologies group of businesses, is a pioneer in virtualization infrastructure solutions. VMware’s offerings include products for software-defined data centers, end-user computing, networking and security, and hybrid cloud computing.

We have partnered with VMware to cater to our customers’ needs across data center virtualization, end user computing/mobility, SDN, security and more. Our advisory and system integration services for hybrid IT infrastructure helps customers in migrating from legacy to new age data centers of tomorrow.


Pure Storage/Portworx

Pure Storage was started in 2009 with a unique subscription-based utility business model which allowed customers to only pay incremental costs for newly added capacity without need to repurchase existing storage capacity already owned by them. Additionally, customers are also entitled for disruption free implementation of ongoing upgrades. Pure storage further enhanced their portfolio by acquiring Portworx which enables customers to run any cloud native data service, based on opensource Kubernetes platform, with features such as built-in high availability, data protection, security, and hybrid cloud mobility.

Together, Stovl and Pure Storage enable organizations of different sizes and across industry segments to take advantage of All-Flash technologies to power various workloads such as mission-critical production systems, development systems and modern analytics applications across their multi-cloud environments. The features provided by these platforms also allow customers to have an elastic, always-on approach to disaster recovery which reduces storage costs while maintaining data availability at sub 1ms latency.

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