Here are some examples on how Stovl helped its customers to drive innovation and meet their business and technical goals.

Case Studies


Migrated Dhiway’s consumer application (Mark Studio) to AWS from Azure.

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White Papers

Multi Cloud: Pushing the Boundaries of Business Growth through Cloud Transformation

With the growing need for digital transformation, enterprises are investing heavily in digital technologies such as cloud, IOT, AI etc. Among all the key pillars cloud has been at the center of a digital transformation strategy for the majority of the enterprises for quite some time. Enterprises are continuously moving their workloads/applications on to the cloud for business agility, flexibility, and economics of scale.

With changing business dynamics, enterprises need to reevaluate their infrastructure and IT strategies to ensure improved business growth and seamless business continuity in hopes of emerging stronger and smarter for the future eventualities. As a result, businesses are expected to take the next leap in their cloud transformations as per new business requirements in order to become a complete digital-native enterprise and realize business value.

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Setting up multicast between AWS and on-prem using IGMP Multicast on AWS Transit Gateway

Deploying multicast in a hybrid cloud can be challenging. This blog explains how multicast can be set up between AWS cloud and a CSR1000v. The blog addresses solutions to various challenges and that one can face while doing this.

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Generative AI and other tools, for the future of business

The blog dives into how AI is revolutionising industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Discover the benefits and challenges of AI in business.

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