In today’s fast changing world, it is imperative to be able to deliver to the market in time, else, it is just a little late. Applications running in containers can be deployed easily to multiple different operating systems and hardware platforms. DevOps teams know applications in containers will run the same, regardless of where they are deployed. Containers allow applications to be more rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled. Application modernization is one of the biggest offerings of Stovl.

AWS Containers

Microservices are modular, autonomous, and logical units of functionality that are independently deployable and scalable. Its architecture involves decomposing the complex business functionality into modular and granular microservices that can be quickly and continuously developed, deployed, and maintained. Microservices architecture offer lightweight and stateless services architecture that comes handy in modern digital architecture.

Stovl specializes in requirement gathering, design, development, implementation and testing high-speed microservices. We help customers build, test, and deploy microservices-based applications for mobile, cloud and IoT by Dockers and Kubernetes which in turn benefit them with increased ROI on cloud microservices deployments.

Our cloud native consulting services help customers modernize their application ecosystems using enterprise-grade frameworks, open-source components and microservices runtime platforms. Some of the services are:

  • Fixed Services package for AWS EKS, Fargate and ECS Implementations
  • Creation of EKS, ECS clusters with automation using Terraform or Ansible
  • Creation of infrastructure with end-to-end security, scalability, monitoring, and reliability
  • Integration of CICD pipeline
  • Usage of DevOps tools like CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy etc.

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