Revolutionizing the clinical trial matching process, Stovl introduces a Gen AI based advanced Conversational AI chatbot designed to streamline the meticulous analysis of complex eligibility criteria. Our innovative solution empowers clinicians to effortlessly match patients with specific clinical conditions to the most relevant trials, saving valuable time and ensuring precision in the trial selection process.


CTrials is a chat-enabled clinical trial discovery solution that not only provides a precise Trial ID that matches a patient’s condition but also provides a dashboard to aid with further questioning based on the results.

CTrials uses a RAG based Conversational AI plugin called Hypatia. Hypatia provides highly accurate, appropriate, and on-topic responses, ensuring seamless and engaging interactions.






Hypatia uses Langchain framework and allows the configuration of the following:

  • Guardrails for off-topic and toxic queries
  • Prompts for intent classification
  • Multiple-step-retrievers to get the relevant content
  • Various approaches for compression of conversational memory
  • Agents to make external API calls
  • Accurate prompt engineering to generate the expected responses

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